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Kyriakidis Brothers' Publishing House resides in the Town of Thessaloniki/Greece. Since 1993 it is operating in the form of S.A. 

  It mainly publishes scientific and university books. The number of the released titles has gone beyond 1000. It is the greatest publishing house in the area as far as the book production is concerned.

  Among the authors - associates of the of Kyriakidis Brothers' Publishing House there are academics and other scientists whose work contributed decisively (and it still does) in the promotion of sciences and education in Greece.

  A great number of books is published without taking economic criteria into account but rather based on the publishers' sensibility so that part of their activity can be considered as charity.

  Apart from the books Kyriakidis Brothers publish two scientific journals and music CDs for the purpose of preservation and spread of the Greek music tradition both in Greece and abroad. The publishers' collection of engravings that date back to the 16th century is considered one of the greatest.

  Kyriakidis Brothers' Publications are used by all Greek Universities as well as the University of Cyprus for the support of teaching and research work.
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